Friends and Links

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Dave DelaGardelle HHH Feather damascus 123454 Dave DelaGardelle HHH Feather damascus 1243Here I will share images and links from my friends and clients showing there work with HHH Damascus!!

I will also include links and logos to the Forums and groups we are proud to be a part of. And any other cool stuff you guys may enjoy!

If you have a knife photo featuring some of our damascus steel and would like to have your image and a link to your web site shared here.  Please email and we will make it happen!



Click on the pictures to visit us on social media or forums.  Or visit my friends pages by following the link to there site to see more amazing work for these awesome makers!



KD image        KKF 1

FB picture    cktg    usn        kkf-logo-gradientJohnny Stout HHH Feather damascus folder butch harner  Firestorm damascus curtiss knives HHH damascus vapcurtiss knives Tsunami pattern folder Harner HHH Damascus single HHH Feather damascus Johnny Stout HHH Feather on a Johnny stout folder Dave DelaGardelle HHH Feather damascusHossom HHH Feather damascus fighter montana watch 2hossom HHH predator pattern damascus Johnny Stout folder HHH feather damascus Lightning pattern Damascus  Max Nestratov Mayan damascus Rick Barret phil booth folder HHH damascus Tobbe  Feather dagger