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Hello and welcome to the HHH Knives Auction!! Here I will be offering some of the newest, most unique and amazing custom knives, tools, damascus billets, and jewelry by HHH Knives.  LINK to current auctions and available knives
If you’re interested in participating in our HHH Knives auction, there are a few simple rules and steps to sign up before one can begin bidding.

Step 1:
Register To bid: you must register  Registration stores your shipping info and makes it easier to check out on all future purchases as well as allowing you to take advantage of limited offers and members only sales where you can use product codes that will save you money or qualify you for Free Shipping or other great discounts.

Step 2:
Verify your info: Make sure after registering that you take a minute to verify your account and activate it. Begin by logging in to the website, go to your account/profile, and fill in the necessary details in the supplied areas.   We go that extra step to keep our customers emails and sensitive information safe and out of harms way.
After completing the form, we strongly suggest reviewing any relevant information. We take our work very seriously, and would hate for someone to mistakenly enter the wrong shipping information.

Step 3:
Sign up to be notified of future auctions: Please fill out the “CONTACT ME” form and use the word “AUCTION” in the title. I will keep your email address(es) set in the system to receive notifications of upcoming HHH Custom Knives auctions, sales, charity events or early notice of special runs. Registered members will receive limited email notifications, where I will share images of the work in progress for the next auction. So sign up and send a contact form to help build a client base and eventually I can start offering private invitation only auctions..

Step 4:
After Registering, you’re ready to Bid! Go to the Available knives tab to view and bid!
Bidding format:

The Auction software uses an automatic bidding format..  Once the auction is started you are welcome to bid on the item(s) being offered. Bid increments are adjusted for each auction and may be 1.00 or may be 5.00  etc..   I love a good auction. And to be fair to everyone. The auction is set up to extend the close or end time by 5 minutes.. When a bid is placed within the last 2 minutes of the auction.  When the auction ends, the winner will be notified by email with instructions to make payment.

Rules and information:
By signing up and bidding on the auction you are entering into a written contract and agreeing to the terms listed as well as to complete the sale.. Please refrain from bidding if you do not fully intend to complete the transaction if you win. Your bid is a virtual handshake saying you are at least 18 years of age and you agree to pay promptly in the event you win.
If another bidder enters a higher bid,  we’ll notify you via email at which point you’ll have the opportunity to enter a new maximum bid.

Cancelling a bid:
Bids cannot be retracted or cancelled at any point with the only exception in the case of an obvious and serious error; such as accidentally misplacing a 0 while trying to enter $350.00 and an erroneous $3500.00 bid is placed instead. In such an event, members should contact me immediately so I can adjust the amount posted, but cannot rescind an actual bid. To clarify: I cannot remove the bid from the system, but I can lower the amount to that you had originally wanted to enter.

Thank you, happy bidding, and good luck!