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Here’s what our customers are saying about us:

“Randy I have to tell you…I always take a peak at the photos before anything and after starting yours I had to stop after about 5 of them. I gonna wait until I have more time…pop some popcorn…sit back with a cold drink…and soak up each and every one. Man those are some beautiful knives…God has indeed blessed you my friend.” -Robert Hill

“Randy, enjoyed the pictures, truly some beautiful knives. I value function in what I do now but it amazes me when you can see beauty and function combined. Nice job!” -Hog

ForestGreenChopper033“As fantastic a job as Randy did on my Chopper, the workmanship and attention to detail is EVEN MORE AMAZING on the Fighter! The word “breathtaking” barely begins to describe it. The blue birch handle scales are absolutely enthralling…MESMERIZING. The finish that he put on these is more than satiny-smooth, it feels PERFECT…and warm to the touch. The mosaic pins fit flawlessly…which serves to set off the Ebony sub-hilt transition and white spacers. Take a good look at the blade; Randy originally suggested the Tiger Damascus…and he was spot-on! I love looking at the patterns on the blade! This is a knife that pulls me in…and makes me positively marvel at Randy’s God-given talent.” – Chris

“LOVE ur knives!!! U are most definitely a true artist! Love ur quote on
the webpage also! ” -Gene

“Compliments? I haven’t even begun to pay you compliments, and you will deserve everyone. A huge block of my compliment is shown in my having to have all 4 of my items. But I’ve been raining compliments on you the whole time I’ve been looking at them . . . and I wish you could have heard them! In every aspect they show your artistry, craftsmanship, dilligence and excellence . . . and if I could do it, I would do it everywhere I went. This knife must be the premier example in the entire universe of splendid and comprehensive file work. The knives near made me cry they were so beautiful and vivid and emotional.
I could go on launching and raining compliments for a long, but I’m a very reserved kind of guy, not given naturally to compliment nor hyperbole, so if you will just let me say thank you and stop, I would appreciate it.
Enjoy the turkey and Best Regards and Thank you very much (I’m a happy man). ” -Andy

“Randy, I received the “stallion” today. All I can say is it is absolutely awesome!! You are a class act.” Rod

“Absolutelly stunning, Randy! that high gloss finish makes the burl look so 3- D it is a beautiful knife.” -Paul J Granger

“Amazing! I am so blown away by this knife. Simply gorgeous.”-Derek

“Randy, You are doing excellent work. I like the inlay work and the knife is clean on the grinds etc. I would like to coonfinger this one. Keep up the great work.” -Ron

fighter2057-12“Randy’s workmanship is truly splendid! Each and every facet of the knife is fantastically beautiful ; resulting in a steel expression that is as much art as it is utility. Randy is a true craftsman…a consummate professional…and one of the knife world’s most gifted talents. If any of you are interested in owning a custom blade, I recommend him VERY HIGHLY.” – Chris Stookey